Beyonce released the remix of her hit single Flawless featuring rapper Nicki Minaj a couple of months back. The music review of the latest version of the song has been very positive as both the critics as well as the fans have appreciated it. New lyrics have been added to the song by both the singers, which are sexually quite explicit. The song marks their first collaboration. The music has also been modified in the remix version with several parts being changed and reorganized.

The vocal delivery and chemistry between the two singers has worked perfectly. Some portion of the lyrics also features the famous elevator incident that took place between Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z and her sister Solange. Beyonce’s West Indian accent has also given the song that unique feel that you won’t normally find in her other songs. Minaj starts her rap only after half the song is over. However, her rapid fire delivery is really awesome and she has taken a lot of inspiration from Kanye West as well as the king of pop Michael Jackson.

Clearly the song has exceeded all expectations and the fans of both the singers will now want them to work together more often.