Am Root Co. and Dreamz Into Goals LLC. Presents: Menace to Sobriety, a short film by Dom S. Flagg.

Menace To Sobriety

A Short-Film by Dom S. Flagg

I Am Root Co. presents it’s second motivational project from our Short-Film series. Menace To Sobriety is a symbolic project to promote an individualized route to success and fulfillment and we used suspenseful and thought provoking audio production and poetry coupled with a visual story line, all to bring you dope content. We address stereotypes and other suppressive acts on a culture of people. All in all, it’s to posit something beneficial to help move the culture forward. Two stories, one purpose: change the world. 

Take a look and if this projects moves you in anyway, please share it with others. The only way that change can be initiated, is if everyone engages in the conversation. 

The film is now displaying on our website: