When the world is in need of groundbreaking originality, there is only one person to turn to….. LJ BATTLE. Whether it be warrior aliens or haunted house freak shows, LJ BATTLE and his crew of demigod warrior dancers will always lay the smack down on any evil-doer.
LJ BATTLE might only be a another face in the crowd by day, by night he is an intergalactic rogue, spreading his seeds of color and joy, in a gray and desolate universe. Whenever anybody cries out for help against an evil remorseless monster, LJ BATTLE is always there to offer assistance with his sick nasty style.
There have been so many stories told about LJ BATTLE and his legendary deeds, that it sometimes seems as if LJ BATTLE is only a myth. Surely someone as wise and powerful as he, is only a fairy tale right? Well think again, because LJ BATTLE is always watching over you, as a father might do to his first born son.
With his moves so fly, and his powers so strong, it seems as if LJ BATTLE has become the ultimate icon. Several entities have noticed this and have tried to seduce him into using his powers for evil, but rest assured LJ BATTLE cannot be swayed so easily, and will continue to fight for the everyman.