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8th December 2014 – Rising Reggae Artist Vypa has launched his new music video titled “Ebola On The High Ride Riddim” presented by Front Paage Productions and W&R Films. Ebola is one of those deadliest outbreaks which had already claimed thousands of lives and it is still an ongoing epidemic. It not only took many lives but has also negatively impacted the emotional strength of all those people in Africa. Apart from the medical support from the authorities what they really need is the emotional support and strength. Through his video, Vypa aims to spread a message to stay calm and strong so as to face the Ebola scare with confidence.

The virus had taken many lives of mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers and many individuals have lost their loved ones. Vypa through his music video highlights on the Ebola Virus sweeping the globe but also says that this virus is not something that one wants to catch but one needs to catch the flow and try to stay calm during the Ebola scare. The music video is going to be an inspiration for all those who are currently fighting the deadly virus from across the world. It is also dedicated to all those individuals who have been victims of the virus.

The music video has been launched on major online music stores including YouTube. The music is a blend of Reggae, Dancehall and Rock with an emotional touch to it. The scenes in the video are extremely heart touching to see the victims as well as the medical support teams helping people in every way possible. This music video is a true indication that not only Vypa’s music, but Vypa himself is a natural crowd pleaser. Vypa’s music is all about being soulful, warm and pleasing.

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About Vypa

Vypa is a rising Reggae and Dancehall music artist who has been in the industry for over ten years now. Vypa has performed various shows in different regions that include Toronto, New York, Jamaica, etc. His music is primarily based on love, life and sex and is a combination of rock and dancehall music.