RoGizz and TREE are happy to give their loyal fans an early christmas present in the form of new music. Their new 6 track EP is a stylistic joyride thru the mind of one of the industry’s most charismatic artists. TREE reps the boards lending his trademark #SoulTrap sound to create an one of a kind hip-hop experience. The EP features guest verses from TREE, Lennon (Project Mayhem), Pask-1 and Big Huss. Aptly titled “The Pimp and The Preacher”, you will definitely enjoy this well balanced collabo project. Chuch!!!!

1) Beautiful ft. TREE
2) Make it Wiggle ft. TREE and Big Hus
3) Respect The Shooter
4) Freak
5) Sleep When I’m Dead ft. Pask-1
6) Anyway ft. Lennon