The New King of West Coast Rap Shut Down the Game with “Never Satisfied”

THOUSAND OAKS, CA – Southern California officially has a new king of independent rap and his name is Nick Source. After the release of his debut mixtape “Never Satisfied” the SoCal emcee has completely taken over the rap game. The project was released on October 28, 2014 via and was an instant success. The mixtape quickly earned the coveted “sponsored” sash from datPiff and it landed an extensive spot on the homepage of the website. The project rapidly sky-rocketed to nearly thirty thousand views and now Nick Source is announcing an upcoming music video release.

Now at the age of twenty-four, Nick is ready to step into his destiny and continue to make music that will change the face and sound of the hip-hop industry.

His mixtape has created a huge buzz in music blogs and social media and when asked for his thoughts about his recent success, Nick Source had this to say, “There is a music video and another mixtape already in the works and I appreciate all the good press and all of my fans since day one.”

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About Nick Source
Nick Source began making music when he was seventeen years old out of his love for the industry. At the age of twenty-one he began taking it more seriously after receiving a positive reaction from fans and friends who were convinced Nick will “make it” in music. Source is notorious for being mysterious in the media because he claims he would rather reveal himself through his music more than through interviews.

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