The other day I was on facebook and the homie that is a Casting Director was telling me about this artist named Wallet Green but I already new about Wallet. So I told him to send me his new music and he did. As I listened to the single he sent, I heard the homie Compton Av add some heat to the song. Another feature on the song is RJ from YGs pyshaz Ink label. Speaking of Pushaz Ink I got to give the homie Brandon a late happy birthday shout out. You know the Pushaz Ink label is world wide doing shows in Dubai, but dont let me get side tracked. Lets get back to this Pushaz Ink artist RJ. Although I believe I’ve only met dude a few times mostly at Yg shows, and at a concert at Staples but dude flow is wavy and he is a great addition to the single. This song talks about the City. If you are not from La then let me enlighten you. The city is another name for Los Angeles. Although I am not from Los Angeles, La is a city I frequent often and feel the song paints a great picture and I commend Wallet Green on this new joint and think every one should pay attention to homie because he is niiiiceeee.



written by

DJ Necterr


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