Baby’s feet are small and gentle. It is important to buy the right shoes for them that can keep their tiny feet warm and comfortable. As baby shoes come in a variety of styles, designs, and colors, here are some useful tips to help you buy the right shoes for your baby.

If you would walk in to any baby shoe store in Sydney or you browse any online store that sells baby shoes, you would be overwhelmed with the wide range of shoes available. It is important to keep the age of the baby in mind when buying shoes for her. A new born baby doesn’t move around much. For her, you can buy soft booties as they can keep her feet warm and can also protect the feet from abrasion while she is crawling.

As the baby starts to stand and walk, you must buy shoes with sturdy sole that can offer all the support that she needs at this stage of development. Hardy shoes with thicker and stronger soles are ideal for babies that are learning to walk.

When buying baby shoes, it is very important to get the size right. Before you buy anything, it is advisable to get the baby’s feet measured by a professional. Make sure that the baby doesn’t curl her feet as you try out the shoes on her feet as this can lead to errors in judging if the shoes fit well or not. The feet must be flat on the ground and there should be some space between the big toe and the tip of the shoe. The shoe shouldn’t be too tight and after putting on the shoe, the baby should be able to walk around comfortably. Look for any signs of redness, chaffing, or pinching as this indicates that the shoe is not of the correct size.

Do not buy shoes that are bigger than the baby’s feet just to ensure that the baby can wear the shoe for little longer. Loose shoes can be uncomfortable and they could cause the toddler to trip and injure herself.

When the baby grows up and is able to talk and express herself, ask her what type of shoes she would like to wear. Toddlers enjoy wearing shoes that are attractive and those that catch their fancy. Buy them shoes that they like. They would wear it willingly.

However, avoid buying trendy, high-fashion shoes as they won’t be too comfortable. Keep them simple and comfortable until the toddler is stable and can run around.

When buying baby shoes from online baby shoe store Sydney, check the sizing. All brands do not have the same sizing. Do read the delivery, return and exchange conditions before placing the order. Baby shoes serve an important protective purpose. Buy the right shoes to make her tiny feet look cute and feel comfortable.