Who Will Entertainment Blogger & Celebrity DJ Necterr Bring Out To This Hollywood Day Party Saturday?

We shall see as the past few events DJ Necterr has been apart of and or mixed at has been star studded with either celebs, musicians, rappers, singers, a ton of models or what we like to call music groupies. As we were looking around at this event as it was being promoted we noticed over a dozen female model host. As you can see the event is already on the path that we spoke about and intend it to be not just rumored groupies and sexy woman but actual fact. So we shall see what celebs & groupies attend and hopefully we get another juicy story out of this event. We also look forward to hearing new music from up and coming music group PopALot family who has been rumored to be working with Necterr on a new project.

Check out what a DJ necterr Party Looks Like