Ever wondered what’s the secret to employee productivity? The root of employee productivity is linked to work environment. Professionals such as web designers, project managers, web developers and architects embrace open office layout for better interaction with other employees because of the nature of their work. Tech-IT executives and managers prefer working in solitude so that they can concentrate on their work. Sounds confusing? Following are some of the office designs and layouts that will make employees feel like they’re a meaningful part of your organisation:

Open office layout: This office set-up provides creative environment and openness, allowing better exchange of communication and quality interaction. Open office layout significantly increases workplace densities and saves costs.

Combined office style: As the name suggests, such office style combines multi-person offices and standardised office to allow employees to focus more on their work.

Cellular office set-up: This office set-up is useful for businesses dealing with confidential transactions & client conversations. Cellular office layout provides enough space for meetings & brainstorming sessions.

Good office design can substantially improve business performance and help retain key performers. Choose the latest office set-up that helps you improve your employees’ productivity, and subsequently your business.