Auld lang syne song release for New Year’s Eve Mixes Tradition and Dance Beats from Koshymedia Studios!
The Netherlands November 29, 2015. Set to the tune of traditional folk song auld lange syne inspired new dance version is ready for release by Koshymedia studio on New Year’s Eve 2016 to bid adieu to the year gone by. The song auld lange syne signifies the time that has been left behind and cherish the glorious past. Auld lang syne welcomes the New Year with a blend of folk and charm of dance to relieve the old days like never before.
The auld lange syne song is usually sung to bid farewell to the past year and reflects on the times that went by. It is used in different places and with the latest dance version of the traditional folk song, New Year eve celebrations this year is going to be one-of-a-kind. Koshymedia insiders reveal that this is their big release after this year’s popular mama song. “Auld Lange Syne is one of the most traditional songs of the year that is meant to reflect on the past year and bid adieu to the days that have made the times memorable. While the folk tune is sung for all kinds of farewell occasions, at koshymedia the song gets a revival with Auld lang syne dance mix for a foot-tapping usher to the New Year.

There are many traditional songs sung to ring the New Year; however, Auld Lange Syne is a compulsory inclusion. It is one of the songs of the great Lowland Scots that simply create an unmatched aura with the lyrics that simply spellbound the gathering. The concept behind the dance version, Koshymedia founder Sabry Elkoshairy reveals how it was an idea of mixing the old with dance sounds that simply makes for global significance worldwide. The song that is sung across nations gives profound meaning to the New Year’s Eve. It’s the call to remember good old times, friends and family together to jubilate those wonderful years that have gone by. Elkoshairy gives a twist to the age old traditional song so that people worldwide can relieve the memories. It is one of the most cherished moments during the New Year Eve celebration and with the splendid mix of dance the party seems to create the bond that gives meaning to these times.
This is an instrumental version of the auld lange syne song This is going to be launched later this month and will be out there for worldwide release to get people to groove to the fabulous dance mix. With this release Koshymedia Studios is going to set the record of music hits through this year from the mama song to the video dedicated to the Syrian War refugees. For more such updates , please visit
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Koshymedia Music and Recording Studio launch some pioneering work of amazing lyrics and sound mixes with popular musician Sabry Elkoshairy releasing the New Year Eve’s song. The studio has launched several inspirational music videos among which the Syrian War Refugee video has attained widespread acclaim.

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