Dj With Sound System

Industry standard equipment provided for various type of events such as weddings Parties, social and corporate events, we will deliver, setup and dis assemble, provide technical assistance including, an Audio Engineer being present during the course of the event to operate and monitor the equipment. If your  social event requires a DJ, we can provide a DJ to entertain your guest with various types of music of your request. Our prices are reasonable, so feel free to contact us , so we can get a better understanding of what your needs are, and in order to facilitate  the best price for you.

Equipment includes, but not limited to:

Bose f1 812 speakers 4000 to 8000 watts (for starters)

Denon stand alone Dj turntables,

Yorkville lp led 4x lights,

shure cordless mics,

16 channel digital mixing board.