Starting at $75 (Please contact us with details of your project before ordering)

It is important that you register works that you create and or own the copyrights to.

We are a registered authorized agent with the copyright office.

The cost of this service varies the content being registered, it can all be electronic or copies may have to be mailed.


See below for details.




About This Service

We will register the copyrights of your;

-Literary Works

Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Articles, Periodicals;

-Performing Arts Works

Music, Lyrics, Sound Recordings, Scripts, Stage Plays;

-Motion Pictures 

Movies, TV Shows, Video Games, Animation, Videos;


News Photos, Selfies, Wedding Photos, Family Photos

-Visual Arts

Artwork, Illustrations, Jewelry, Fabric, Architecture;

-Other Digital Content

Computer Programs, Databases, Blogs, Websites;

with the United States or Canadian copyright office.

Your copyright certificate will be mailed directly to you from the respective Copyright Office.

Your copyrights will remain on file with copyright office for 100 years and will be transferred to your next of kin.

Please contact us to request a quote

see copyright registration FAQ HERE


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