Spotify Music Promotion

With all our affiliate music industry connections who have over 25years of experience and music marketers, we have created 3 spam free, bot free Organic Spotify promotion campaigns to get your music viral.

Don’t lose time its simple;

  1. You choose a package,
  2. We create an effective marketing campaign,
  3. Your music gets thousands of listeners.

We will collect traffic analytics from your campaign.

Please note: Basic and Standard is only on one track. For album promotion please choose the Premium package.

Thanks for your business.

1. $40 Basic Package

Beginner package which will boost your plays and followers

Basic Spotify Promotion

2. $100 Standard Package

Standard package will will lead to a massive amount of plays

Standard Spotify Promotion

3. $200 Premium Package

Viral promotion for 1 week. Get your music viral

Premium Spotify Promotion